14/06/2023 11:36PM

We're back! I've done a bit of work on the main gaem! There's a few codes and things around the first area and even soem interactive elements =D =D =D! More to come soon!! Check out the passwordz page 4 how 2 play!

22/03/2023 5:54PM

Uggggghhhhhhh! I've been so busy doing real murders that I haven't had time to update the website in the last few dayz -_-, I promise I'm working on new pagez but it might taek soem time!! In the meantime here's a selfie!! I'm on top of soem sort of big ass skyscraper >:3

19/03/2023 1:03PM

Added a few links, a maze, and... something else! Not telling what it is XP. You won't find it anyways!


18/03/2023 12:28PM

I nailed a wordsearch to the tree! Go nuts! Also added a secret, see if you can find it!


18/03/2023 12:11AM Oh Yeah Also!



18/03/2023 12:10AM First Update!

Heya! Just added the news section! I'll be posting site updates and other shit here! I added a game (you will lose), the links section, and 2 new passwords 2day! Might add more shit tomorrow! Your days are numbered!